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FS Herron Pig Feeds

We have a range of pig feeds to help keep all pigs in peak condition

Highest Quality Animal Feeds

FS Herron is a family-run business based in Northern Ireland who have supplied farmers for generations.

Pig Grower Meal


  • Hipro Soya and Maize are the main ingredients of this 19% grower ration for pigs
  • Designed to be fed to piglets from 20kgs to 6 months of age
  • Fat incorporated to the ration to help increase the energy density

Sow & Weaner Meal

    • 17% Crude Protein ration designed for lactation sows
    • High cereal and protein concentration provided to enhance quality and energy of the ration
    • Additional lysine and methionine added to help meet lactating sow requirements

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