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FS Herron Calf Feeds

At FS Herron we understand the importance of rearing heifers. They are the replacement of your herd.

Highest Quality Animal Feeds

FS Herron is a family-run business based in Northern Ireland who have supplied farmers for generations.

Calf Starter 18% & Calf Rearer 17%


  • Contains Bypro, a rumen protected Soya source. Rumen protected protein is critically important for fast growing animals as it helps meet protein requirements of the animal.
  • Linseed oil is incorporated to help the protein metabolism and enhance growth of young calves.
  • Our calf mineral packs contain high levels of vitamins to aid in calf immunity and development with added extra B, E vitamins.
  • All calf products are enhanced with a unique milky flavour to help intakes and increase palatability.
  • Addition of a live yeast helps increase gut and rumen development.
  • Formulated with excellent digestible fibre sources such as beet pulp.
  • Both Calf Starter and Rearer come in a pelleted form or coarse mixture.

Heifer Replacement Nuts

  • 60% cereal high energy dense ration for finishing beef bulls
  • 12% Crude Protein
  • Soyabean Hulls & Sugar Beet Pulp used to help provide a fibre source
  • Can be fed to animals from 6 months of age
  • Contains live yeast and Mag12 rumen buffer
  • Contains Megalac

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